Yehasti Reviews 2022 Bad Yehasti.Com Reviews

Yehasti Reviews 2022 Bad Yehasti.Com Reviews is our todays topic. This article will describe the Yehasti website, which sells a range of items tax-free. So, check out these Yehasti reviews. Are you looking for fashionable apparel, accessories, or belts? Would you like to buy it from an online store? What does provide? Do you know this website? If so, you are attempting to buy it.

For all the information of it, you must read the article. India’s population is looking for fashionable, functional apparel and accessories. The public’s choices are catching up with the fashion. Thus, whether you like the site or not, read the thorough and frank assessment that Yehasti provides.

Yehasti Reviews 2022 Bad Yehasti.Com Reviews

Yehasti Reviews 2022 Bad Yehasti.Com Reviews

What Is Exactly? provides a retail online shop that catch Yehasti Enterprises Store. And offers a variety of clothing and accessories based on the needs of the consumers. The brand displayed as having a more than 150-year textile tradition with the Navayati brand. This article can teach you more about the website.

Offering stylish clothing for both genders together with coordinating accessories is the main goal here. Additionally, they provide a variety of cash payment alternatives, duty-free taxes and fees, and duty-free fees to make it simple for clients to make payments. As a result, read this post to learn more about Is Yehasti Legit.


  • It is a retail online store, which is the type of website.
  • Many things, including belts, shoes, jewellery, and other household accessories for both men and women.
  • Contact Information: (762) 294-9808.
  • The following address is in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India: G Block, 128/112, Kidwai Nagar.
  • Email:
  • Return Policy Details Products can repay to the firm within 30 days after delivery.
  • Refund Policy Policy Information: After approval and review. Refund processing will take some time.
  • Information about the Shipping Policy Within two to four working days, the cut make under the ordercut.
  • There is no presence on social media.
  • Payment options include Paytm, Ola Money, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and RuPay.

Information Favourable About The Yehasti Website:

  • The most appealing clothing for both men and women is available, according to Yehasti evaluations.
  • The customer care crew is available around-the-clock, which is a great approach to make sure that there is good contact with the consumers.
  • They provided their policies and contact information.
  • They do not charge the customer any taxes or VAT on the goods.
  • Reputational harm associated with
  • They have a poor Alexa and national ranking.
  • They did not give accurate feedback on their clients or the owner’s information.
  • The 8 percent trust rating raises questions about their reliability.
  • They provide a variety of items, none of which are described.

Is Yehasti Authentic?

  • Domain age: The website enter on July 6, 2021, less than a year ago, and as a result lacks trustworthiness.
  • Website URL: www.yehasti.comContact Information: Several ways to get in touch proffer, including a phone number, email address, and physical location.
  • The specifics of the billing procedure are as follows: Each pricing is determined using Indian rupees. They don’t collect the customers’ VAT or taxes.
  • Customer testimonials: Not here. We can infer that no one has access to this information from this. As a result, it wouldn’t be wise to trust this site in the absence of reviews.
  • Trust score According to Yehasti’s reviews, this score is 8%, which is the lowest possible and makes it impossible to rely on.
  • Position on Alexa: The Alexa’s position on Alexa was 1362357.
  • The country classify as 102134 in the list of nations.
  • Information about payments: A variety of payment methods are available, including Airtel Mobile, Freecharge, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay.
  • They offer PCI security for data, according to security information.
  • Information about policies: We provide a variety of policies and round-the-clock customer service.
  • Social media is a product that can get. Shopify is the only place to get the service.
  • Services Agreement General terms and conditions for online retailers of responsibility, payment, and warranty-related matters.

Yehasti Reviews: What Are They?

We have searched the website, but we were unable to locate any data on their client reviews. There isn’t even a link to it on any of the social media platforms. So, at first, we have our doubts about this information-free website. To worsen the situation Visit this page to find out how to recognise Credit Card frauds and other scams.

The Last Few Words

The methods of payment are tax-free. They have only been available for a year, though. The website receives the lowest score for trust. They lack information on the owner and Yehasti reviews. Take a minute to consider whether this website is legitimate and trustworthy before making a buy because a lot of thigs might go wrong.

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