What Is The Greatest Sort Of Wood For Decking?

What is the greatest sort of wood for decking is our today topic. It is critical to understand the best sort of lumber for decking when deciding what to use to create your new deck.
What Is The Greatest Sort Of Wood For Decking?
There are several species that may supply you with all the desirable attributes and characteristics. But, if you want to discover which decking timber is the greatest, you must first determine how each one compares to the others.

What is the greatest sort of wood for decking?

Hardwoods From Australia

Australian Hardwoods is a type of wood that is ideal for decking. It is a glossy and long-lasting hardwood that may be use for a variety of tasks. Australian wood provides a pleasant ambiance and lends charm to any property.
It’s an outstanding choice that will boost the value of your home. Australian timber is termite and rot resistant, making it an excellent choice for external applications. There are various varieties of Australian hardwoods accessible today, each with its own set of qualities and applications.
Merbau and Spotted Gum are two of the most popular types. High-quality sealants or stains are the finest way to treat Australian hardwood. This will provide optimal protection against termites and other insects, as well as weather factors such as rain and snow.
You can apply a single coat of stain or sealant. But, if you have many applications, apply an oil-based primer in between each application to guarantee good adherence between stain or sealant layers (this prevents moisture from seeping through). You might also want to apply two coats for best effects.

Pine Treated

Treated pine is a type of timber that is best suited for decking. It is rot resistant and very easy to work with, making it an excellent choice for constructing an outdoor deck. There are many different varieties of treated pine available at your local hardware shop, and each has its own set of qualities, so do some study before you buy.
Australian Treated Pine, often known as H3 treated pine, is a popular choice among homeowners. This treated pine has been treated with copper and arsenic to repel termites and other insects. Another popular option is European Treated Pine, which has been treated with boric acid.
While boric acid may not give the same protection against termites and other insects as arsenic, it does provide the same protection against decay and rot as H3 treated pine.


Merbau has been used for a long time and has shown to be both resilient and elegant in its natural state. The wood is reddish-brown when new, weathers to a rich dark brown or chocolate hue, and has excellent durability and strength. Merbau is often recognized as one of the most durable hardwoods.
It does not require preservative treatment for use in outdoor construction such as decking, but it does necessitate the application of an oil-based finish on a regular basis to maintain its rich dark brown color.
The heartwood is resistant to termites and other wood borers, as well as fairly resistant to deterioration; nevertheless, if kept dry, it will survive longer. Merbau wood is naturally found in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and India.

Gum with Spots

Spotted Gum is a species of wood that is ideal for decking. It features a robust and solid wood that makes it long-lasting and sturdy. It features a lovely grain pattern with hues that range from light brown to dark brown with traces of grey and scarlet gum veins.

The timber is naturally long-lasting, termite-resistant, and extremely robust, making it ideal for usage in high-traffic areas such as decks. Spotted Gum decking may be use both indoors and outside. Some people use it for fences or benchtops as well. Because of its natural beauty and adaptability, it looks fantastic in any outdoor location.

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